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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Humbly Ask Him to Drive Me Home

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Running low of gas?
Striding along lack of faith?
God paces behind you.

After responding and visiting my blogger friends' blogs, and while talking to the one precious to me, I spend my time listening to a song that made me teary and lift up my heart once again after the things that I had been through this time.

(I respect all my blogger friends about their faith and belief, this song I am going to share is not about religion, this is about faith, this is about one and the same God we all have.)

I asked myself, did I run low on my faith? Same question I asked last week, last day, or even last morning. I keep on asking (Mat. 7:7) because I want answer, an answer that will make some difference of the one I had before...

But if I want a difference today, right now, I am not patient enough then... I need time. I need more time, what sounds better, I already make a way to it.

I am not perfect and I was tailed with imperfections lately... but I don't want to drive myself in nowhere... so why should I not ask Him to drive for me in the most difficult times of my life? I know I will be home safe.

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